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Conceptual Details

Design Values

We derived five statements that express Artifacts’ sentiment towards the relationship of certain opposing values. These Design Values are supposed to show on which values we want to put special weight: They do not show an either-or attitude, but an emphasis on one value.

Behavior over Process: Rather than getting the user to learn and use a new process, the framework should first try and adapt to the user’s behaviour. Using the framework needs to be seamless and smooth. It should be an extension of the mind, not a cage.

Emergence over Structure: Rigid structures inhibit the creative process. The framework should value the emergence of patterns and connections as they are happening and needed, rather than being fixed on a structure completely built by the user.

Privacy over Openness: Creativity is at its core a private, intimate process. Giving the user a space to develop their thoughts requires their trust. Their privacy must be valued highly. This is especially important when considering how to help the user overcome barriers.

Collaboration over Solitude: In a modern environment collaborative creativity plays a central role and is key to a successful creative process. The creative process can benefit from solitude in the beginning when ideas are very vulnerable. But in the long term collaboration is a pillar of creativity.

Proactive over Reactive: Instead of always waiting for the user’s action, the framework should proactively curate and augment the input.